Museums & Places of interest


Museums & Places of interest

In an island with 10 thousand years of history, the Troodos mountain range possesses numerous unique and culturally significant Ecclesiastical, Folk Art and Wine Museums where the visitor can explore history and travel in time.
Traverse the Troodos forest and discover both quaint and majestic churches painted with vibrant frescoes, pristine Byzantine art and traditional architecture. Unearth ten of them belonging on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit the island’s mos famous monastery, the Kykkos Momastery and admire breath-taking Byzantine art golden adorned icons and important relics.
Discover more about the how the Troodos mountain range rose from the sea and became the green heart of the island at the Troodos Geopark Visitor Centre in Amiantos and the Troodos National Forest Park Visitor Centre in Troodos Square

Troodos National Forest Park Visitor Centre

Address: 4800 Troodos

At the entrance of the Geopark Visitor Centre the visitors are welcomed by an amazing geological garden consisting of all the rock types encountered in the area, in stratigraphic order, representing the Troodos ophiolite sequence. An outdoor classroom is operated in the garden of the centre, where interactive lessons and demonstrations are delivered to visiting students and the general public. Impressive rocks and minerals, a maquette of the geology of the area, depicting sites of geological importance and interest (faults, mines, geo-trails, etc.), informational panels and a conference room where the visitor can watch documentaries, of the significance of the geology of the Troodos mountain range are only some of the exhibits in the visitor centre.

Troodos Botanical Garden

Address: Troodos. Botanical Garden.

Discover more than 500 types of common, rare and endangered plants at the Troodos Botanic Garden. Located in a ‘Natura 2000’ protected area, at an altitude of 1.400 meters, a visitor can explore the mountain ranges’ flora by admiring them while walking through the Garden. Rest at one of the shaded area and take in the intoxicating aromas of the plants, or admire the beautiful ponds, streams and waterfalls.

Fenced Area with Moufflons

Address: Troodos

The island’s national symbol, the Moufflon, is unique to Cyprus and can be found within the mountainous forests of Troodos. Next to the Platania Excursion area, find the enclosure where one can admire this majestic wild creature.

Museum Of Kykkos Monastery

Address: F966 Moni Kykkou Nicosia, 2865.

Sitting at an altitude of 4,320 feet in the Marathasa region, the most lavish and rich monastery in Cyprus exhibits national treasures available for all visitors to admire. The Monastery of Kykkos was founded at the end of the 11th century during the reign of Emperor Alexios Komnenos I and was dedicated to Panagia ( the Virgin Mary).